2004 Youth Ministry Resource manual (Living Justice...)

This resource focuses on the topic of social justice.
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2004 Youth Ministry Resource manual (Living Justice...)
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This resource focuses on the topic of social justice. It contains 13 sessions with activities, prayer experiences, and reflections. (2004)
Living Justice, Proclaiming Peace
2004 Youth Ministry Resource Manual
Table of Contents
  • Why Live Justice and Proclaim Peace? (Michael Theisen and Leigh Sterten)
  • Who’s Justice, Who’s Peace? (Larry Fraher)
    Resource 1—The Seven Key Themes of Catholic Social Teaching
    Resource 2—The Two Feet of Social Justice
  • 2004 Calendar of Events and Service Suggestions (Michael Theisen and Kathleen Carver)
    2004 Youth Ministry Patch
  1. Living Justice, Proclaiming Peace (Michael Theisen)
    Resource 3—Flower Power
  2. A Lenten Journey toward Justice (Debbie McDonald)
    Resource 4—Prayer Leader Guide for Lenten Scripture Study
  3. Proclaiming the Human Family as One: A Reflection and Action in Celebration of Diversity (Kim and Reggie Harris)
    Resource 5—Scripture Reading
    Resource 6—Journal
    Resource 7—The Orange Experiment
  4. A Hunger for Justice: An Intergenerational Event (Michael Theisen)
    Resource 8—Hunger Facts
  5. What Would You Do? Imagining Solutions to Poverty and Injustice (Alicia Bondanella and Mary Campbell)
    Resource 9—Scenarios
    Resource 10—Solutions
  6. A Step toward Forgiveness: Celebrating Reconciliation (Michael Theisen)
  7. Just War? (Ralph Stewart)
    Resource 11—Leader Background on Just War Doctrine
  8. Creative Approaches to Social Justice (Various Authors)
  9. Letting My Life Speak: A Retreat for Adult Leaders (Vikki Shepp).
    Resource 12—Preparing the Journal Pages
    Resource 13—Seven Life Statements on Catholic Social Teaching
  10. The Matthew 25 Project (Michael Theisen)
    Resource 14—Matthew 25 Prayer Cards
  11. Conducting a Youth Congress on Social Justice (Carolyn Adrian, Carole Goodwin, and Joseph Grant)
  12. Celebrating World Youth Day: October 23-24, 2004 (Michael Theisen)
    Resource 15—A Closer Look at the Readings for World Youth Day
    Resource 16—2004 World Youth Day Liturgical Planning Guide
  13. 2004 Resource Guide (Michael Theisen)
    Resource 17—Recommended Music for Living Justice and Proclaiming Peace
    Resource 18—Quotations on Justice and Peace