2005 Youth Ministry Resource manual (Spirit of God...)

2005 Youth Ministry Resource manual (Spirit of God...)
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Spirit of God: Source and Strength provides catechetical sessions, prayer experiences, service activities, and other tools.
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Spirit of God: Source and Strength provides catechetical sessions, prayer experiences, service activities, and other tools. The book features a special liturgical planning guide for pastors, youth ministers, and liturgical ministers. Sessions include: Walking with the Spirit Intergenerational Session Lost and Found: Reconciliation Service Spirit and Sports Empowered by the Spirit: Catechetical Session (2005)
Spirit of God: Source and Strength
2005 Youth Ministry Resource Manual
Table of Contents

  • Overview of 2005 Resource Manual (Michael Theisen, Vikki Shepp, and Leigh Sterten)
  • 2005 Calendar of Events (Kathy Carver)
  • Preparing for the Spirit of God: A Primer for Adults (Michael J. Hagarty)
    Resource 1—The Gifts of the Spirit
  1. Spirit of God: Source and Strength (Vikki Shepp)
    Resource 2—The Holy Spirit and Me
    Resource 3—Holy Spirit Skit
    Resource 4—Holy Spirit Quotations
    Resource 5—Closing Prayer
  2. Walking with the Spirit: An Intergenerational Session (Steven Ellair)
  3. Lost and Found: A Reconciliation Service (Michael Theisen)
  4. Led by the Spirit: A Mini-Retreat for Young Leaders (Vikki Shepp)
    Resource 6—The Holy Spirit Helps
    Resource 7—The Gift I Have
  5. Sparking the Spirit Within: An Adult Retreat (Anthony Albence and Deborah McDonald)
    Resource 8—Icebreaker Scenarios
    Resource 9—Gifts of the Holy Spirit Bookmark
  6. The Spirit of the Lord Is upon Me (Alicia Bondanella and Mike Poulin)
    Resource 10—Poverty Pulse
    Resource 11—Answer Key to Poverty Pulse
    Resource 12—Identity Cards
  7. Spirit and Sports: Building a Team That Can Go the Distance (Shawnee Baldwin)
    Resource 13—Team Roster
    Resource 14—Field of Gifts
    Resource 15—Stepping Up to the Plate
  8. Empowered by a Gift: A Catechetical Session (Leslie Barkin)
    Resource 16—A Day in the Life
  9. The Hunt for the Holy Spirit (Adolfo Nuñez Jr. and Bill Duckett)
    Resource 17—Film Clip Guide for Leaders
    Resource 18—Grapeannafigappletree
    Resource 19—Journal Questions
  10. In Step with the Holy Spirit (Colette Kennett)
    Resource 20—Shoe Cut Out
    Resource 21—Blueprint for an Inclusive Community
    Resource 22—Closing Reflection
  11. Spirit-Filled Scripture (Vikki Shepp)
    Resource 23—Facilitator Notes
  12. NCYC Sessions: Winds of Change
    Introduction to the 2005 NCYC Sessions (Michael Theisen)
    NCYC Session 1: Draw Strength from God (Michael Theisen)
    Resource 24—Pilgrim Kites
    NCYC Session 2: Winds of Change Carry the Message (Michael Theisen) 
    Resource 25—Back Drawing Images
    NCYC Session 3: Stand Strong in Faith (Michael Theisen) 
    NCYC Session 4: Praise God Above All Things (Michael Theisen)  
    Resource 26—Recommendations for Final Information Packet
    NCYC Session 5: Ambassadors of Change (Michael Theisen) 
Special Resource Section
  1. 2005 International WYD Gathering in Cologne: We Come to Worship Him (Barbara Anderson)
    Resource A—Blessing and Sending Forth of WYD Pilgrims
  2. Celebrating World Youth Day, October 23, 2005 (Michael Theisen)
    Resource B—Lectionary Readings and Reflections
    Resource C—Liturgical Planning Guide
  1. Pope’s Message
  2. Music Resource Guide (Vikki Shepp)
  3. Spirit of God: Source and Strength Prayer