Knowing why we are Catholic and what we believe is important. Use these products to maintain or develop an understanding of our Catholic faith.
Price: $0.75
(Single Card) God of All Prayer Cards
Price: $1.00
Learn how to engage young people in a dialogue about Catholic identity.
Price: $25.00
The Catholic Faith Handbook for Youth is an understandable and down-to-earth guide to all things Catholic.
Price: $5.00
What do Catholics believe? How are we supposed to act? In this compact little book, Essentials for Christian Living summarizes the core of what Catholics must know and put into practice.
Price: $8.50
(Set of 25) God of All Prayer Cards
Price: $17.50
Explore with young people the breadth and depth of the Catholic Church using Being, Becoming, and Believing Church. Complete with a primer on church for adult leaders and a CD with handouts and PowerPoint presentations to teach youth.