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Price: $7.00
The National Study of Youth and Religion (2004) is a nationally representative telephone survey of 3,370 U.S. English- and Spanish-speaking teenagers between the ages of 13 and 17 and their parents. This report provides an analysis of the Catholic population within the NSYR study, consisting of 816 cases, including both teenagers and their parents.
Price: $3.50
Price: $3.00
The new NCCGSCF patch can be used for the recognition of participation in Catholic events, etc.
Price: $10.00

$10 per Youth
Please include the total number of Youth Ambassadors (minus adults) you are registering in the “Add to Cart” area below.

Price: $20.00
This navy blue, short-sleeve shirt features the NFCYM logo.
Price: $1.00
Media and technology are valid tools for evangelization and offer some practical principles for using both in ministry with young people.
Price: $3.00
Our Lady of Guadalupe Patch
Price: $5.00
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