2003 Youth Ministry Resource manual (Navigating the Waters)

Provides practical, user-friendly sessions and prayer resources for navigating adolescent and family issues.
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2003 Youth Ministry Resource manual (Navigating the Waters)
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Provides practical, user-friendly sessions and prayer resources for navigating adolescent and family issues. (2003)
Navigating the Waters
2003 Youth Ministry Resource Manual
Table of Contents
  • Overview of the 2003 Manual (Michael Theisen and Leigh Sterten)
  • Navigating the Waters with Today's Youth (Dobie Moser)
  • A Quick Glance at Annual Celebrations and Events to Highlight with Young People in 2003 (Leigh E Sterten and Michael Theisen)


  1. Setting Out on the River of Life (Michael Theisen)
    Resource 1—Setting Sail
  2. The Living Waters of Scripture (Michael Theisen)
    Resource 2—Saving Waters
    Resource 3—Water Droplet Cut Out
  3. Navigating the Waters of Popular Culture: Using Music, Movies, and Television in Youth Ministry (Anna Scally)
    Resource 4—Crossing the River
    Resource 5—Recommended Movies and TV Shows for Ministry
  4. The Living Waters of Family Life: An lntergenerational Session for Families (Michael Theisen)
    Resource 6—Creating the Family Front Page
  5. Working through the Obstacles in Life (and Celebrating the Splash!): An Outdoor Challenge Course Activity (Michelle Watkins)
    Resource 7—The Water Bearer and the Cracked Pot
  6. Don't Go It Alone: A Peer-Led Day Retreat for Young Teens (Vikki Shepp)
    Resource 8—Leader Discussion Guide
    Resource 9—Scripture Cheat Sheet
    Resource 1 O-My River of Life
  7. Forgiveness Goes Deep: A Reflection on Forgiveness with Youth (Leota Roesch)
    Resource 11—Script for the Woman at the Well Reading
    Resource 12—Going Deeper: Questions for Reflection
  8. Calming the Waters: A Day Retreat for Adult Leaders in Youth Ministry (Anne Kidera)
    Resource 13—Doorknob Cut Out
    Resource 14—Guided Meditation Script
  9. Celebrating World Youth Day in Parishes and Schools (Michael Theisen)
    Resource 15—Reflecting on the Readings for World Youth Day
  10. Music Resource Guide: Recommended Music Selections for Prayer and Worship (Maureen P. Provencher)
  11. Introduction to the Preparation Sessions for the 2003 National Catholic Youth Conference  (Michael Theisen)
  12. The River Wild: NCYC Preparation Session 1 (Michael Theisen)
    Resource 16—The Parish Raft
    Resource 17—Rafting to Houston
  13. The Cleansing River: NCYC Preparation Session 2 (Michael Theisen)
  14. Fishers of All: NCYC Preparation Session 3 (Michael Theisen)
  15. Uniting the Tributaries—A Send-Off Event for Parents and Teens Attending the National CathalicYouth Conference: NCYC Preparation Session 4 (Michael Theisen)
    Resource 18—Recommended Information Packet Material
  16. The River Springs Forth: NCYC Follow-Up Session (Michael Theisen)